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  • A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct (zero tolerance) shall be assessed for: taunting of players, coaches, officials or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, threat of physical violence or physical violence.
  • 2 minute minor at start of game for any player without a number printed on back of jersey.
  • 4 minute double minor for BLATANT AND EXCESSIVE CHECKING.
  • HIGH STICKING: Inadvertent 2 minutes / Careless or reckless 4 minutes / Intentional 5 and a game; possible match if injury results.
  • SLASHING: 4 minute double minor.
  • CROSS-CHECKING: 4 minute double minor.
  • Four (4) penalties is a game ejection.
  • Players receiving a game-misconduct are suspended from their next game – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Re-entering the ice surface following an ejection will result in a suspension. This is for the safety of both player and officials.
  • In the event of a lopsided game please do not run up the score.  Games that are one-sided frequently become chippy which leads to penalties and suspensions.
  • Do not enter ice surface until zamboni driver has exited and closed the gates.
  • If you can’t lock the locker room door(s) take your bag to the bench. Thieves have stolen money, cell phones and wallets at every rink.
  • The league uses the best refs on the Island and will not tolerate any abuse of officials on or off the ice. If you have a complaint about the refs, don’t tell them, email us at: LeagueOffice@gmail.com
  • Slap shots are not permitted in games where one team does not have a goalie. The game is forfeited if a slap shot is taken and directed at a player in goal without goalie equipment.
  • Overtime: Five-minute running time (stop time for playoff games). The clock is only stopped for penalties to be assessed. The additional overtime is played at the discretion of rink personnel. In the case of a particularly chippy game referees have the authority to cancel overtime, before or at any point during extra period.
  • Rinks mandate that referees must be present on the ice for players to use the ice in the event of a forfeit. Insurance policies require that referees supervise the ice slot.
  • Please note our updated game forfeiture policy. Due to the lost cost of ice, refs, scorers and rescheduling the game for your opponent, if your team forfeits a game you will lose at least one additional game. In addition the team may face additional sanctions.
  • Teams who use non-rostered and/or underage players (under 17 in the non-age restricted division and under 40 in the over-40 Divisions) will forfeit games that those players participated in.
Playoff Rules:
  • Overtime: 5 minutes stop time
  • Shootout: First round 5 shooters per team. If still tied subsequent rounds are sudden death.
Goalie Rules:
  • Goalies in the Over 40 League can be under 40, as long as they are over 30 (25 and over for women goalies). In an emergency situation (League must be notified by email in advance) teams can use a male goalie that is under 40 but over 25.  If you suspect someone of being under-age, bring it to the attention of the on ice official. Official will ask goalie for identification and verify that goalie is under age.  Officials will then notify league in writing. Teams found to use an underage goalie will forfeit the game.
  • NEW 11/17/17 Goalies in the Over 50 League can be under 40, as long as they are over 30 (25 and over for women goalies). In an emergency situation (League must be notified by email in advance) teams can use a male goalie that is under 40 but over 30.  If you suspect someone of being under-age, bring it to the attention of the on ice official. Official will ask goalie for identification and verify that goalie is at least 30 years old.  Officials will then notify league in writing. Teams found to use an underage goalie will forfeit the game.


What kind of a hockey league is Island Ice Hockey?
It’s an adult co-ed no-checking league (checking occurs but is penalized) where safe ice hockey is stressed above everything else. Players can join with a team, group or as an individual free agent. The league has multiple divisions that cater to the highest level of players to beginners and every level in between.

What do teams in the league expect from their opponents?
Opponents who play in a mature, controlled and responsible manner.  Players who are respectful of the officials, opponents and rink personnel.  Opponents who accept the game outcome in a sportsman like manner.

How does the league minimize player violence?
Over fifteen years ago we recognized that for some players, the penalties that USA Hockey imposed were not enough to deter them from playing in a reckless, physical and abusive manner. We felt there was a need to add another layer of extra penalties for infractions that had the potential to cause injuries. A list of the additional penalties can be viewed if you click on the link for ADDITIONAL PENALTIES. We also realized that even with additional penalties some players cannot play in a controlled, responsible manner. For those players who habitually play in a violent and abusive manner we have had no choice but to bar them, and in some cases their teammates from league play. Many of these players later surface in other leagues where they continue to play in the same reckless manner. We also continue to ask the refs to call the games as tightly as possible. We would rather have the refs call ‘borderline’ penalties than have a game spin out of control because of seemingly lax penalty calling. If you are one of those players who thinks hockey is not hockey unless you can hit someone do not register in our league.

Where are the rinks?
We schedule games in rinks located from Long Beach to Hauppauge and Kings Park to Great Neck. We schedule games in rinks close to where the players on your team live. A list of rinks can be viewed by clicking here.

What are game days and starting times?
We play over 40 games a week, on every night of the week. We work with teams to schedule games on days and times that are the most convenient for them. The choice of days are listed below:

  • Weekends Fri, Sat & Sun
  • Weeknights Sun – Thu

What seasons do you play?

  • Fall September – December / 12 games + playoffs
  • Winter January – April / 12 games + playoffs
  • Spring April – July / 10 games + playoffs
  • Summer July – September / 8 games + playoffs
  • Summer ‘Back from College’ Late May – Early August / 8 games + playoffs
*NOTE: Depending on division 75%-100% make playoffs.

What about the different levels of competition?  How is that determined?  How do I know what level of play suits my team?

  • A Extensive: College, travel & high school
  • B Competitive: Former college, travel & high school
  • C Advanced: Experienced organized adult league players
  • D Intermediate: Organized adult league players
  • E Novice: First time in an organzied league, minimal experience
  • Over-40: C, D & E, must be Over 40 to participate
  • Over-50: D/E, must be Over 50 to participate

I don’t have a team, can I join?
Individual and group registration is welcomed and encouraged. It can sometimes be difficult to get 14 or 15 players to commit and play every game in a season. We match partial teams, groups and individuals of the same approximate skill levels to form new teams. Often times those teams go on to play in subsequent seasons and the new teammates become lifelong friends.

Does Island Ice Hockey schedule games on Holiday weekends like Christmas week, Memorial Day, July 4th weekend, Super Bowl Sunday, or Labor Day weekend?
Unlike other leagues, we never schedule games on major holiday weekends. We do however, often organize tournaments were players who chose to play on Holiday weekends can Contact us for more details.

Are refs fees included in the league fee?
Yes, the ref fees are included in the league fees.

What is the playoff format?
75% to 100% of the teams make the playoffs. We use a single elimination format. Depends on the size of the division. Ten/Eight (10/8) team division: Top seven/six (7/6) teams make playoffs.  Seven/Six (7/6) team division: Top five (5) teams make playoffs.  Five/four (5/4) team division: Top four (4) teams make playoffs.  All teams pay the same and a longer playoff format short changes the vast majority of the teams. The longer playoff format also encourages some of the unscrupulous teams to bend the rules by sneaking ‘ringers’ onto their playoff roster.

Are team uniforms required?
Yes, every player must have a similar, matching jersey with a number that is not duplicated by a teammate. We encourage teams to obtain a set of home & away jerseys to facilitate ease of scorekeeping.

How do I sign a team up?
Full teams should call 631-262-0543 for more specific details before filling out the online registration form on this website.

What is Island Ice Hockey’s game attendance policy?
All Players must have printed and signed in their names at 50% of regular season games, minus one game in order to be eligible for playoff games. Printing and signing in on the scoresheet is the only way we can accurately track player attendance at games. While we instruct our scorekeepers to help make sure that every player has signed in during a game, the final responsibility of signing in lies with the player, not the scorekeeper.
Reminder: Even if you show up and play, if you didn’t sign in, you will not be credited with being at the game.

The numbers in the player stat system (see description below) are not final and reflect only the scoresheets that have been entered into our database; as such, no player will be denied eligibility based on scoresheets that are not included. Example: If a player is listed as having attended 5 of 12 games, but only 11 of those 12 games have been entered into the player stat system, that player is automatically credited 1 game and is now eligible to participate in the playoffs.

The attendance credits will reduce in number as more scoresheets are entered, as such, captains must be aware that players could retroactively be deemed ineligible to participate in playoff games up until 24 hours prior to start of team’s first playoff game. 

During playoff games all players must present a valid government issued ID to the scorekeeper in order to be eligible to play.

 About Player Statistics

  • While we strive to be as close to 100% accurate as possible in recording and publishing player stats, it isn’t always possible given the sheer amount of players, teams, and games involved. Please understand that there may be mistakes from time to time.
  • All discrepancies and requests for corrections of in-game stats must be presented in writing via email. Inquiries via phone will not be honored.
  • Along with player stats, the system we use also records player attendance (Column ‘GP’ = games played) and will be used as such to enforce Island Ice Hockey’s 50% game attendance rule for all players (see ‘Attendance Policy’ above)
  • We strive to be as timely as possible in the recording and publishing of stats from scoresheets, but due to sheer volume, there may be a lag of up to 3-4 days between when a game is played and when it’s stats are recorded.
  • Again, while we strive to be as accurate as possible, due to sheer volume, some scoresheets may be lost and unrecoverable after a game and it’s stats will not be recorded or published. As stated above in our attendance policy, those scoresheets will not be counted toward game attendance and every player on the team will be credited a game for each missing scoresheet.
  • Please know that you can help in making stats more accurate by wearing a unique jersey number amongst your team, as scores and assists are reported to scorekeepers by referees as such. Teams with no or duplicate jersey numbers are virtually guaranteed to have inaccurate stats being recorded and published (if at all). Midnight Hockey League offers a $50 discount per team on each season’s league fee if they have worn matching jerseys with unique player numbers for the entirety of a season (credited at the end of each season). If you need help getting matching jerseys for a team please do not hesitate to call us at 631-262-0543 and we can either provide you with generic jerseys at for a very low cost, or put you in contact with a reputable manufacturer/screen printer who can make custom jerseys for you.